Thursday, March 25, 2010

Projects, Projects, and more Projects...

Hello! sorry i haven't updated in so long, life has been getting the better of me. I have been working on so many projects lately just trying to make our house i little bit more fun and colorful. I found this awesome fabric at quilted works and fell in love with it! is kinda a retro vintage fabric and the colors are so fabulous i decided this is what my living room colors are going to be. :) i haven't made the quilt yet but when i do, i will post it!

Also my wonderful husband, Brady, built us a new TV stand.
This awesome old stand was givin to us (holes and all).

we didn't have anything for our TV so we have been using it as a TV stand, but it was ready to fall apart at any moment, and we couldn't fit anything on it so.. He built us a new one!

we took the old shelves out of it because they were still good and built a stand for it.

it doesn't look like it but the color is kind a burnt red color(to match the fabric), but in the picture it loooks more pinkish.

my hunny did such a good job, and i am so proud of him! everything fits so much better and looks prettier too! :)