Sunday, January 15, 2012

caught on camera

finally we were able to catch Korvin smiling on camera!
he has been smiling for several weeks but as soon as i bring the camera out..
no more smiles.
so enjoy.

angry face

meet Korvin.
this is his angry face.

the end.

happy 2 months

on dec. 12th Korvin turned 2 months old!
he has gotten so big in just 2 months.
he weighs 12.44 lbs. (69%tile) and is 23.5 inches tall (72%tile)
that means he gained 4 pounds in 1 month. what a little chubbers!
he now smiles.
loves to snuggle (thank goodness!)
hates to get dressed.
loves bath time.
loves to eat.
and sleep.
i just love him.


korvin fell asleep on mommy and daddy's bed
1 month old

what a cute little bum in the air.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Korvins Blessing

Korvin was blessed on Novenber 20, 2011. it was a special day because it was also my dads birthday. he was blessed in sacrament and then we had a family lunch afterward at my sister Jolene's house. I am so proud of my husband for being worthy and able to bless Korvin into the church. he gave such a wonderful blessing and the spirit was so strong i couldn't help put cry. i am so grateful for the gospel that we have today and how it is so important to have eternal families.

it was such a fun and special day we love you Korvin!

Korvins first haircut

before Korvin's blessing i decided to get his haircut because he already had hair hanging over his ears and hanging way over in the back. We have a some good friends from when i was little that used to cut all our hair so she cut Korvins too.

what a little stud.

1 month

on Nov. 12th Korvin turned 1 month! i saw on pinterest one time these pictures of a kid that was in a laundry basket, and they had taken pictures of him every month to see how big he had gotten. i though it looked like fun so i thought i would try. (i just wish i would have gotten ones when he was born :(

at 1 month he weighed about 8 pounds and about 21 inches long and its official he has blue eyes.


this was Korvin's first halloween! he was such a cute little monster!

we went trick or treating with all the other grandkids at Grandpa Wetzels work, and it was so much fun!

for halloween we decided we were just going to relax and have a fun night in and hand out glow sticks to trick ot treaters, but i learned real soon that we were not going to be getting any trick or treaters.. so we loaded up and went to visit my mom and dad and went to my favorite place to get candy for halloween. we call it the mansion house and it is this way cool place by my parents house that hands out king sized candy bars every year. (any kids dream!) they also have train rides, balloon and campfires all over to sit and enjoy.
we had lots of fun and then headed home and enjoyed our quite evening.

sun bathing

because Korvin had jauntice after he was born, we had to put him in the sun to help clear it up.

poor guy was having to go in everyday to get it checked for over a week! luckily he didnt have to be under the lights though!

bath time

the first time we gave Korvin his sponge bath he HATED it! he just cried and cried it was so sad. (as you can see in the pictures)

we had bathed him before he was due to eat to help wake him up, but because he cried so much it wore him out and we tried for straight 20 min. trying to wake him back up to eat! needless to say we gave him baths after he eats now.

once he was able to have real baths he loves them! even now, he gets so relaxed, he falls asleep in them. i love it :)