Tuesday, July 5, 2011

24 Weeks!

i can't believe i am now 24 weeks pregnant!
(24 weeks and 4 days to be exact but whos counting?)

i just love being pregnant, it is the best feeling ever knowing that you are carrying a baby that you created and i love being to feel him kicking and rolling around!

i am pretty much over the morning sickness which is awesome!

right now our baby is the size of an Eggplant!
he is about a foot long and weighs about a pound and a half.

he is moving around most of the time and is growing so fast!

24 week Bump!

i realized i forgot to post my 22 week pictures and update about the baby.


when we had our halfway ultrasound the doctor had voiced some concerns about the baby's heart. part of is looked more inflamed than he wanted so he scheduled us to come back in 3 weeks went the cardiologist would be there to look at it.

luckily when we came back he looked at his heart and he said it was fine!

so that was a great comfort hearing our baby is healthy, he is measuring a little small though but still in the normal range so nothing to worry about!

here is my bump at 22 weeks!

it crazy to look at these pictures and see how much my belly has grown in just 2 weeks!

i cant wait to meet our little guy!

Suprise Party!

for my birthday Brady was wonderful and threw me an awesome suprise party!

he invited a bunch of friends and family and we had so much fun!

Kimberli (my sister-in-law) made me such an adorable birthday cupcake.

so colorful!

i have to go back a long ways and tell you about our dear friend Mary.

she has been a part of our family as long as i can remember and a couple of years ago she lost her wonderful husband to cancer.

one day back when we were planning the wedding we were talking about how i wanted to find some cute pearls to wear for our wedding and Mary offered her beautiful Tiffany pearl necklace and earrings, that her husband gave to her, to wear at the wedding. i couldnt believe she was going to let me wear the most beautiful pearls ever and i knew how much they ment to her!(and now me!)

so back to my birthday.. she gave me her necklace and earrings!!

i was in so much shock and i am so grateful to her and how she has entrusted me with such a valueable and sentimental possesion! i know they mean the world to her and how much they mean to me as well. i am just so grateful to her and how she has been so kind to our family and treats us as if we were her own, we love you Mary!

i had the best birthday and my husband treated me like a queen! i love you so much babe and thanks for making my birthday so memerable!