Friday, June 29, 2012

day at the park

one fine afternoon my mom, sisters, and i loaded up our kids and headed to the park for a picnic and fun.
we had a great time and took some pictures along the way.

getting ready to go

eaching our lunch


and all the munckins in a row.
Troy. Jonathan. Jaxton. Kayla. Alivia a.k.a. Lou Lou. Lacie. Korvin. Kya.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4 months!

at 4 months Korvin weighs 15.06 lbs(54%tile) and 25.75 inches(79%tile) tall.
he loves to eat his hands (or mine, or anyone elses in reach)
he smiles and laughs
and loves to talk (especially while he is eating!)
he is starting to roll from his belly to his back
he loves, loves, loves to eat
he sleeps through the night
he loves bath time
and he drools a lot.

happy 4 months baby boy we love you!


I was babysitting for my sisters little girl, lou lou, awhile back and she wanted to do everything that Korvin did it was so funny!the following pictures of her playing in the high chair because korvin did, playing on his playmat and sleeping in his crib.

she is so silly but is was super cute!

valentines day

for valentines day i went to thee ol' pinterest and found a new recipe to try, and it was soo good! we have made it several times since and has become one of our favorites! I also go extra creative and made homemade rolls with a glaze on top. I also decorated our table fun.

i made a fun label for our sparkling cider

i got that valentines subway art as a free download from eighteen25

the only valentines napkins at the store that my sister gave us

korvin sleepin away in his cute valentines outfit :)

this is where Korvin hung out most of the day while i was working on dinner.

these are the valentines decorations i made

the doily heart banner i made

and these cute boards we made with my mom and sisters.

it was such a fun valentines day and it was so fun to remember that the last valentines day was when we found out we were pregnant with Korvin!
our lives have changed so much but it was so worth it and it makes me love Brady so much more than i ever thought i could. happy love day babe i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

Korvins 3rd month in review

here are some of my favorite pictures of korvin at 3 months old.

Korvin loved to slide down in his bouncer and put his foot up on the bar to rest, and if he had socks on he would flip his foot back and forth till it would fall off and then put his leg back up there!

and i love this picture because i have one of when brady was little that looks just like him here. (of course i cant find it right now though..)

and i love these little photos we took of Korvin, Kate, and Matt when we were babysitting them one day. It was so funny to watch Matt and all his poses. he just loves his sister and cousin soo much!

Korvin has a little mobile that plays musice and flashes lights, and i heard him talking and i went to check on him and he had it on and was watching it so intently! is was so adorable.

he has so many facial expressions it fun to just snap away with the camera

and he is at the stage where he just loves to eat his hands!

Korvin was playing so hard in his bouncer and just crashed.

i just love this little guy so much and it is so fun to see him growing and learning new things.