Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new haircut

i have been wanting to cut my hair for awhile now but i had to work up the guts first!
my sister-in-law Kimberli is going through hair school and so i decided i would let her cut it. i think it turned out pretty cute! it super hard to get used to though because i have no clue how to do hair this short, but i am getting used to it :)

what do you think?

a little revamp

a long time ago i bought a little microwave stand here and it has sat boring for a couple of years now.
i finally decided to re-do it!
the 3 drawers going down were a little plain for me so i went and picked out some cheap trim and with some help from my dad we added a border around them.

so with some sanding, some green spray paint, more sanding, some glazing, and this is what i came up with! what do you think?!
the colors are a little off because the lighting isn't the best were its at.
(oh and i still need to put a door knob on the door)

salt lake trip

Brady's Brother Jacob got married on January 28th up in salt lake so we went up to show are support. it was so much fun to get away for the weekend. we actually went up earlier in the week so we could celebrate our 2 year anniversary (that was on the 16th) at the same time.

on our way up we stopped in Provo to see one of my good childhood friends Lyndee, and her cute hubby Devan. it was so fun to see them and have dinner! i wish i would have taken pictures! Korvin made a new friend, He and Devan had a lot of fun together and even fell asleep on him. it was so cute, Devan was SO excited that Korvin fell asleep on him! it was so fun to see them and i cant wait for those two to have kids because they will be such good parents.

on Friday we got to sleep in and went sight seeing and shopping. We stopped at the baby gap (i love that place!) and had to buy something for Korvin since we were there :)
all that shopping wore the little guy out!

later that night we met up with the family and went out to dinner. Jacob's fiance is good friends of their family. her brother Jon was bradys best friend since they were in elementry school. so it makes it fun because we already knew and loved Michelle and their family! it was lots of fun and we chatted for a long time.

Saturday came and it was wedding day!
Michelle looked so beautiful and it was fun to see them together. the had a yummy luncheon and spent time together as a big family.

the family (we missed you Jillian and Kate!)

after the luncheon we went back to the hotel room and went swimming. It was Korvins first swim and he had a blast! i thought he would though because he loves his bath time so much.
unfortunately on sunday we had to come home but we had lots of fun and i can't wait till we can take another vacation!

Korvin and daddy

one day brady had just gotten home from work and had sitten down to watch tv, i had asked him to hold korvin so i could get something done. i came back about 10 min later to find this:

they had both fallen asleep!
it was so cute i couldn't resist taking a picture. i just love my boys so much!

3 months!

happy 3 months to my little man on Jan. 12th!
i can't believe how fast time flies, he is just getting so big!
we have gotten him to laugh a couple of times but we havent gotten anythin since
he does pretty good at sleeping through the night
he loves to talk non stop!
he loves to play in his bouncer with his toys
he has got our hearts wrapped around his little finger and we just love him so much!

this awesome hat was made by a cute girl in our ward! she has a business called custom crochet creations and you can find her on facebook. but i found a cute picture of this hat online and showed it to her and she made it perfectly!

lots of smiles

i having been trying so hard to get pictures of korvin smiling and the other day i got some good smiles showing his little dimples that i love so much!

i just love that boy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


so i am still behind on the blog but i have been dragging my feet because this christmas i took tons of pictures and i didnt want to take the time to look through them and try to narrow them down, but i finally did it! so enjoy :)

lately i have really been into decorating for the holidays. for Black fridady instead of getting all the great deals on electronics i went shopping for holiday decorations! it was lots of fun because my mom came with me. we got some great deals and i got all my decorations to decorate a real tree since we didnt have any!
i didnt take pictures of our christmas tree till christmas eve so our tree looks really sad and mostly dead but it was a really pretty tree early on!

we got some other christmas decorations too

look at this christmas countdown my sister Jolene made me! love it!

our cute christmas stockings my mom made us!

for christmas brady and i woke up early and wanted to open presents but of course the one day Korvin slept in it was christmas morning! so we woke him up anyways :)

look how little he looks next to his stocking!

Korvin got a really cute playmat his Grandma Kim and Grandpa Reed gave him

and he absolutely loved it!

i had a mug made with Korvins picture on it to give to his daddy and it was so cute!
and of course his daddy loved it

here is our family on christmas morning. Because we woke Korvin up he was so sleepy!

and we got a picture of him in his stocking for kicks and giggles :)

and here are my handsome boys ready for church in their christmas outfits!
oh i just love it!

we hope everyone had a merry christmas because we sure did!

Monday, February 6, 2012

cookies for santa

now we have a kid i feel like we have to have all these fun traditions even though he has no clue what it going on. so for christmas eve we made cookies for santa claus!
i gave Korvin some measuring spoons that he held for about 2 seconds and put him in the bumbo on the counter so he could be a part of it.

he is so fun to have around. just look at that handsome chubby face :)

at the begining of december i found a really cute christmas plate and cup at target and then went to my moms house to use her vinyl machine and this is what a came up with! i think they turned out really cute and i can use it for years to come!