Tuesday, May 10, 2011

maybe baby?

so we went to a place called Prenatal Treasures, which is an ultrasound place) to find out what we where having because i couldn't stand it anymore!

and they said...


they were pretty positive that's what it was but she said we could come back in two weeks for a free ultrasound to be sure, but now we don't know!


half of the ultrasounds said they were a girl and half said they were a boy...


haha just kidding! but thats what the lady kept teasing us saying the babies kept switching back and forth behind each other and thats why she couldn't figure it out!

that seriously freaked us out for a minute but hopefully she is not serious!

we have our real doctors appointment at the end of the month and hopefully somebody will be able to tell us something because i am going completely crazy not knowing!

especially now that i have a bunch of girl clothes that i went and bought to celebrate...

here is a picture of me at 17 weeks..

here is pictures of our little munckin at 16 weeks!