Wednesday, July 24, 2013

a little update..

so I am sorry it has been so long since I have been on here. life has gotten busy and I have neglected some things, but hopefully for a little while I can get things back to normal.
a lot has happened since I last wrote, some good and bad, so I will try and catch you up as best I can.

* since we lost our baby we have Christmas which was super low key and simple. I couldn't much so we just spent time with family and it was just the way I wanted it

* in January Brady and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. my mom and dad kept Korvin overnight so we could spend time together. we had dinner and then spent the evening in. we didn't do very much because we were planning a trip to Mexico in march.

*which leads me to our next thing was our trip to Mexico! we had so much fun being spoiled rotten for a week at an amazing resort (check my mother-in-laws blog about her packages!) we went with Brady's parents and it was so fun to spend time with them and for Korvin to get to know them better since we don't get to see them very often. it was the perfect get-a-way and just what we needed and Korvin sure loved that sand! (more on our trip later)

*Brady and I started looking into buying a house and we fell in love with one but it was a little out of our budget so we talked with my parents and they had been wanting to re-do their garage into a family room for years now. so we decided that we would turn it into a family room for them so we could stay with them in there, to save some money and get this house that we wanted, and they would get a new family room when we left. in the meantime, Brady came to me and said he had been looking at schools to go into machining (what he is doing right now) and found one he loved in Kaysville, Utah.
I just thought he was just going through a phase so I said sure dear look into it, I never thought he would actually want to move away from St. George because I ask him all the time if we could and he always refuses to move and was determined to grow old here. but he kept looking into it and was starting to sound more serious so we prayed about it and decided it was what we needed to do so I said okay.

*so as of right now I am sitting in our new apartment in Layton, UT writing this. so crazy! I have no idea where anything is, and I don't no anyone yet so if anyone lives near by or has any info on some fun parks or things to do tell me!

I will write more details soon but I have to go get my baby up who has decided lately not to sleep and is struggling with this move...

oh and there is some exciting news I still have to post so come back later! :)