Monday, April 11, 2011

the Second Trimester!

i found the great lie of Pregnancy:

{morning sickness}

morning sickness, it turns out, is not morning sickness.

it is All-Day-All-Night-When-Will-It-Ever-End-Sickness.

i don't care much for it.

i found this in a book my aunt gave me and i thought it was funny and very true. it seems everyone wants to help and they offer..

The Advice:

soda crackers, tea, vitamins, cocoa puffs, lying down, getting up, hibernation, exercise, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage, deep breathing, denial

The Reassurances:

in another two months you will feel great!

the sicker the mother, the healthier the baby.

some women feel much worse than you do.

And the case histories:

I never had a moment's nausea with any of my kids.

I was so sick with Johnny i LOST twenty pounds.

my second cousins hairdresser had to be in the hospital her whole pregnancy.

it's nice that people care.

so i listen, i nod, and i respond by politely THROWING UP.

that is how i feel sometimes, and i have such bad hormone changes that i really feel bad for my husband and anyone who has to put up with me for the rest of this pregnancy!

but, enough with the ranting because pregnancy is really such an amazing experience and i still can't believe that Brady and i are going to be parents. it is so unreal to me. We had our first doctor's appointment at 9.5 weeks and we got to see our little blob of a babe on an ultrasound! so was such an awesome experience to see the little heart flashing its beats and that there really is something growing inside of me!

We are finally in our 2nd trimester and i am really hoping this nausea business will going away now, but unfortunately it hasn't gotten the memo. our next doctor's appointment is on April 22 and hopefully we will be able to hear the heartbeat (or see it in an ultrasound would be fine with me too)

right now our baby is about 3 inches in length and is the size of a peach!

The baby is now also starting to move his intestines from outside to inside the body and it is also developing it's vocal cords.

we can't wait to find what we are having because i think i am going to go crazy if i don't find out soon. we both think it is a girl and i want to buy everything baby that i see which is not good for the wallet either.

what do you think it is? i would love to hear that and anything else baby related because that is seriously all i think about! maybe i already went crazy and i just don't know it yet..