Wednesday, June 9, 2010

updates and upkeeps

i apologize in advance for the long post(and the several smaller ones after it), i havent been a very good blogger lately and i am way behind on what has been happening. Brady and i are coming up next week on our 5 month anniversary! crazy! i can't believe we have already been married that long.. but as the saying goes time flys when you're having fun :) Brady has been working a lot more and is out of town most of the time (so i am free if somebody wants to hang out with me!) but that means i have lots of time to do projects and crafts around our house! i have loved watching our little house become a home to us as we personalize it to fit our style. My family has been so good to me hanging out with me constantly and helping me with my creative ideas. My dad made me some bookcases for my bedroom back home and now he just build us another new one to make a wall of bookcases since brady and i are book fanatics!

Here is the before: two bookcases painted yellow

and after: three bookcases, books, green paint, and other odds and ends. are bookcases aren't quite full yet but that means room to buy new books right? My dad did such a great job on our bookcases and we love them!

My awesome mom has also been helping me get things done she made me cute vinyl sayings to go on my wall (she is also wanting to start up a business making vinyl sayings so if anyone is interested you can just write on my wall and i can get the information to her) and made these cute pillows for my couch :)

i have also been decorating our bedroom, we got these night stands from brady's parents. we painted, and stressed them to make them match our bed.



We also traded some dressers with Jolene, since the drawers were painted and i wanted the wood to show i had to strip the paint on them, this dresser had been painted five times before so it took a lot more work than i anticipated but i think the outcome turned really well..

Before:Red dresser with cream drawers and silver handles

After: black dresser with wooden drawers and gold handles

i got a bunch of frames for real cheap at the DI and painted them different colors, and with some, i put fabric in them and hung it on the wall.

i had the t.v. stand that my dad made for my room at home, we just painted it black and my mom helped make these curtains for the window.

We were able to buy us this awesome bed with the money we got from our wedding(whiched worked out perfect because we had no idea what we were going to sleep on!) and my mom made us this beautiful quilt for our wedding present! we were able to do our own quilting for this quilt and it was so much fun! i would reccomend it to anyone who does quilting, the store we went to were so good to work with and it is WAY cheaper then having someone else do it.

i love that mirror (thanks Hatches!)and picture (thank you Brown's!) we got for our wedding it works so well in our room!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brady's Big 20

So, Brady turned 20! I tried to throw a "surprise" family dinner party for him, but of course he figured it out.. (i am not very good at secrets) My parents and family gave him such a good gift!

They gave us both great tickets to see Tarzan! that is brady's favorite play he was lucky enough to even see it on Broadway! (so Jealous.) but Tuacahn will be doing it this year and we get to see it! We can't wait till June 25th!