Wednesday, July 25, 2012

dad's idea of babysitting

its funny when i ask brady to watch Korvin for a min or two i always come back to this..

Korvin sitting in the high chair, in front of the tv, with some random toys.
silly daddy but i guess it works.. (maybe i need to get some tips)

look who's turning 6 months?!

i cant believe this how fast this little guy is growing!

as you can see Korvin can sit up.
he loves to make rasberry noises.
he still loves to talk and gabber.
he started to say mama!
he loves to play by himself.
he doesn't know how to sit still.
he is ticklish in the same spots as his mama.
and his mommy and daddy love him so much!

Sunday naps

Brady was watching Korvin after church while i was in the other room and this is what i came back to.

i couldn't resist taking pictures.
i cant believe how much i love these boys, i am the luckiest girl!
i have the the sweetest little boy who gives my the best smiles, and the greatest husband who takes such good care of us, and he would do anything for me.

food lovin'

somebody loves graham crackers.
this kid does not have an eating problem!
this was his first time eating graham crackers and it wont be the last..
well why dont you see for your self!

5 months

so Korvin turned 5 months in march!
i have been such a bad blogger lately but i am trying to catch up.
i wish i would have written things down better but i wasnt very good at that either..
i do know he was rolling over one way and he is such a happy boy!
he loves to talk all the time, especially when he eats! he continually makes noises while he nurses and its so funny!
we started feeding him rice cereal at 5 months and he loved it.
he loves to stand up at look everywhere.
he hates laying down.
i just love that smiley boy and love watching him grow!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

new skirt

i got a new skirt pattern from make it and love it a while back and decided to make a new skirt! Ashley had another version of the skirt on her blog here. so i thought i would try it and loved it!
and of course i had a little help..

love that boy!

i think it turned out awesome what do you think?!
check out make it and love it for other fun projects because she is awesome!

st. patricks day decor

so here are my St. Patricks day decorations!
i really had fun making these
we got this frame at hobby lobby and painted it green and we got this saying from the silhouette online store and cut it out in vinyl and put it on some paper so it is interchangeable :)

and we made this board like our valentines board

and here is another free printable from eighteen25

and we made that frame with the shamrocks too. we just spraypainted the frame and covered it in glitter, then, cut out shamrocks glued on some buttons and stuck it on some cute paper :)

we cut out this banner and shamrocks with the silhouette too and then strung it with some twine.

i love making decorations for the holidays!