Saturday, October 20, 2012

bath robe fun

i made this really cute robe from the pattern i bought at Dana Made It and it turned out so cute! the only thing i wish i would have done was make it a little longer.. 
check it out and see for yourself how cute it is!
UPDATE: i made this and he got to use it once at grandmas pool, but then somewhere between there and home it must have fell out of my bag and has never been found! it makes me so sad! i hope someone else is getting some good use out of it...
i have made 3 more for my nieces and nephew and i plan on making a couple more! they are so easy and super fun :) 

photo dump

here are a bunch of pictures for the month of june.
mom please stop taking pictures.

a visit to denny

in May we went to visit brady's mom and step dad in california.
we took 2 days to drive up because its such a long journey, and we were worried how Korvin would do that long in a car.
suprisingly he did very well!
we had so much fun while we were there for a week, we went on morning walks i couldn't resist taking so many fun pictures.
and he tend to fall asleep on all of them.
oh i just love that face
while we were there Brady made a cement planter box and we put Korvins hands and feet in it.
there back yard is so big and beautiful, its just so fun to look at.
and of course there was some daddy lovin' involved.
i just love these two.
Korvin loved playin with his cousins wolf and sol.
we had a big family dinner while we were there and saw all his other cousins, and brady's other side of the family that we don't get to see normally, but i didn't get any pictures dang it!
it was so much fun though!
look at them playin in the sand box, even though his face doesn't look like it in most of these, he really had a lot of fun.
on the drive home there was some fun scenery,
we drove through rain and snow which was crazy in May!
Korvin's first experience with snow.. he liked it at first, then he wasnt so sure..
we had so much fun visiting family and we are counting down the days till we can go back!