Friday, June 3, 2011

cancer sucks

My dad hasn't been feeling well lately so they got an appointment with his cancer doctor and had him get some pet scans so see what was going on..
turns out the cancer has grown a lot the last couple of months and has spread several more places from his neck all the way down to his hips.
so now they want to start chemo again but my dad has an infection so they can't.
they are going to start him on the immunoglobulin(sp?) for a couple of months to see if they can get the infection to go away so he can start his treatment.
i hope they can get it all taken care of soon so he can get feeling better but until then
cancer sucks.

i love you mom and dad and we are all praying for you to get through this!

Brady's Birthday

Brady turned 21 this month!
we had a some fun with family and had some yummy cheescake!

One of the presents i got brady was a new tie and then a mini one for our little boy! arent they so adorable?!

i love you babe and i hope you had a fun birthday!