Thursday, December 29, 2011

the hospital and coming home!

so i am just trying to catch up on my blog so here is some pictures while in the hospital and getting ready to come home!

(Look at all that hair!)

while we were in the hospital my dad was having his IV therapy at the old hospital but they let him come up and hang out with us for a little while while he was getting his treatment.

getting ready to go home!

this is him showing how mad he is at us for getting him ready to go..

his going home outfit!

our family picture

so little in his carseat

on our way out we stopped so say goodbye to "grandpa" and then we headed out to be parents on our own...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the birth

well i am finally posting about our sweet little boy's arrival so get ready for the longest post ever beacause i wanted to write everything down for my personal journal.
there are so many pictures i loved that it was so hard to narrow down! they were done by Rachel Steele from Steele the moment photography and she did such an awesome job!
viewer discretion advised

so the weekend before Korvin was born i had being having a lot of regular contractions but i wasn't dialating so nothing could happen.. i was so miserable that i was willing to do anything! walking, lunging, dancing, bouncing on a ball, and getting my membranes stripped as much as i could.
that monday i went in to get them stripped and i was dialated at a 2+ and i was still super miserable! so tuesday i called the doctor and they said i could come in to get my membranes stripped again so i headed over there as fast as i could and it was about 4:00 pm. i had gotten all ready and was just waiting for the doctor to come in to get this done and the PA came in and said the doctor had just left to go deliver a baby!
i was so miserable!! i couldn't believe he had left to go deliver a baby! that should be my baby i wanted him out so bad! so of course i left the doctors office crying because i had reached my limit and i blame all the hormones :) so we left with a "we will call you if he gets back before we close today to come back" thinking there was only an hour left how could he be back in time and let me do it so i will be pregnant yet another day..
i had just gotten home and had to use the bathroom yet again so i went and then stood up put my pants on and went to walk out when i thought i was starting to pee my pants so i went and sat back down on the toilet but didn't really do anything so i got back up and left as the doctors office was calling! it was 4:50 pm. i felt like i couldnt hold my bladder and i was thinking great this is going to be a fun new side effect from pregnancy so i just put on a pad and we rushed to the doctors office so we could! when i got out of the car i felt this little gush and i told brady great i think i just peed my pants or my water just broke just to tease him! i thought to myself luckily i am wearing a pad i will just go freshen up when we get inside and i kept walking and it just kept coming! i thought i definately dont pee this much but i didnt want to really get my hopes us because this could be a very embarassing story to just find out i had peed my pants! but i would rather get checked here then make another trip to the hospital to just get sent home again.. (i may or may not have been there a couple other times already)
so we are checking in and i whispered to the front lady that i think my water might have broke and they said well then you shouldn't be here you should go to the hospital! but i said i dont really know it just barely happened, so they took me to a room and i undressed and was sitting there under about 5 puppy pads for what seemed like forever!! by now Brady was definately starting to panic a little pacing back and forth waiting until finally he came in.
we talked to him and told him what was going on,(this was the most akward part because it could turn out really good because i could be having a baby, or i could have peed my pants and it would be really embarassing!)he said he would check me, with what looked like a ph strip to check your pool, and that would say whether my water had really broken or not. to my relief it had! it changed so fast they were joking about it. he checked me to see where i was starting at and i was at a 3 and 90% effaced. they gave me my golden ticket in and headed home to hurry and finish packing my bags!
i couldn't believe it i was actually going to have a baby!! it was such a good feeling going into the hospital knowing i wanst coming out till i had had our baby. we got checked in and was getting set up and settled in when my contractions had stopped so of course i had to get started on petocin. i knew from everything i had heard i would most likely getting an epidural once i got petocin but i thought i would see how it goes. it was about 7:00 p.m.

things were moving right along. the petocin had definately kicked in and was working hard and i couldn't take it anymore so at about 10:00 p.m. i got an epidural. (i was so nervous about having an epidural because of all the things that could go wrong and i hate the feeling of a numb mouth after the dentist how could i stand my whole lower half being numbed?! it wasn't as bad as i thought though because i could still move my toes and feet around just enough that i was comfortable with it.) i was dialated to a 4. it took a half hour to feel completely numb though, but once it was finally numbed evenly it felt sooo much better!

they checked my again at about 11:00 p.m. and i was dilated to a 6! i had gained 2 cm in just one hour hallelujah! things were really happening and i was to anxious to sleep so i just talked with my mom, and my sisters, and brady joking about things.

12:00 a.m. i was a 7

1:00 a.m. i was an 8.

i was getting closer and closer i was getting so excited there was no way i could sleep no matter how hard i tried, which made me nervous because what if i had this excruciating long labor that i could not do because i have not slept in awhile..
luckily that wasn't the case.
i was also starting to get super uncomfortable from being in bed so long that i just ached in my back shoulders and hips.
finally at about 2:45 a.m. they checked me again and i had made it to a 10!!! they started to get everything ready and the nurse had me push a couple of times to see how it would go and apparantly i did a good enough job that they said they would call the doctor to come and i had to wait very patiently spread eagle for the world to see while they waited for the doctor to come about 20 min. later! luckily i was numb and couldn't tell i was naked and exposed for everyone to see or it would have been 50x more awkward..

they gave me oxygen while i was waiting to give me some extra so it would make pushing a little easier.

finally about quarter after 3 a.m. he arrived and we would be meeting our little boy so soon! i started pushing during the contractions and it wasnt bad at all! (thank you epidural) and inbetween the contractions the doctors was giving Korvin a alphalfa(sp?) do. awesome.
5 pushes later out came our little man!
i got 1 stitch, which wasnt bad at all.

the first thing i thought when they put him on my chest was man he is super slimy and this is a little disgusting.. (did anyone else think that or am i awful for thinking my child was a little disgusting?!) the second thought was holy crap i just had a kid! it was the most amazing thing i could ever experience knowing this little boy was now going to depend on me for the rest of his life and i was going to be able to take care of him! i cannot believe the love that flooded through me at that point. there is so much joy that i feel just thinking about him and how much i love my little boy! i cannot imagine life being without him anymore.
they took him off me and cleaned him up and weighed him

7 pounds 2 ounces
19 inches long
born at 3:33 a.m.
and he is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen!

(i am not biased at all!):)
i couldnt wait for them to give me my baby back, but i had to wait while they cleaned him up and made sure he was healthy.

once i got him back we did skin to skin (which i definately recommend!)and it was so fun to just be able to love on our baby. i also nursed him right away and he was such a champ! he started nursing right away and nursed for over 20 min. the first time. he has never had a problem with nursing since. (which i am so grateful for)
i love Korvin more than i can even describe and i just love being a mother to him. he is such i good baby and makes my job easy! (well as easy as it could get :))
i love you Korvin and welcome to to world!