Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Bear

So I was having a conversation with my 3 year old nephew and this is how is went...
Me: jaxton guess what?
Jaxt: what
Me: there is a baby in my belly
Jaxt: a baby in your belly?
Me: yup
Jaxt: its a cute baby!
Me: thanks! what am I having a boy or a girl?
Jaxt: umm.. It's a girl baby
Me: I am having a girl baby?
Jaxt: yes.
Me: what her name
Jaxt: umm.. Bear
Me: her name is bear?
Jaxt: yeah baby bear.
Me: is she a Bear because she has lots of hair?
Jaxt: no. She has no hair.

So in conclusion I am having a bald baby girl called bear. I am so excited :)