Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Avacodos and ramblings...

*so as some of you may already know, we are expecting another baby boy in January!
we are beyond thrilled and could not be any happier right now.
I can't wait for this little guy to come into our family and for Korvin to have a little brother.
I do have to say I am a little nervous for all the mischief they are going to get into together but that is what brothers are for right?

*tomorrow I will be 17 weeks! our little guy is the size of an avocado and I am almost half way there which is so exciting. I am so done with all this first trimester stuff, I feel like I have been in that stage for so long with both babies I thought I would never get out of this stage. luckily though this has been the best pregnancy so far as the morning sickness goes. I have had a lot of back pains though with this pregnancy, I have also had a lot of sciatica pain as well which really stinks.

*the energy thing has also been a problem for me. Korvin is so active it has been hard to keep up with him. Brady also has a crazy schedule where he goes to school in the morning and works in the afternoon till early morning so we only see him a couple hours a day and so it has really taken its toll of Korvin and I. we really miss him!

*ever since we moved up here our dependable car has had so many problems! we had to just change the battery on the car because it was so dead and now we are having problems with our keys so it wont start. it is going to cost us $500 dollars to fix it, and since we used every amount of savings we had to get up here it will be awhile before we can get it fixed. so that means Korvin and I have pretty much stayed in doors the last couple of weeks so we are itching to get out of the house.

*moving is a lot of work. it has been so stressful trying to get everything switched over to our new place and trying to get things organized in this place. the biggest thing I have had a hard time with is finding a new doctor up here! since I don't know hardly anyone up here, I don't have any recommendations of where to go and people up here are so much pickier about insurances! I think I finally find somebody and then they don't take my insurance so I have to start all over.

*I really wanted to deliver with a midwife in a birthing center up here but they really don't take any insurances and since I am almost half way they want half of the money right now. which is not a possibility right now either, but I am determined to have this baby naturally and I think I might have found a midwife that will deliver in a hospital. so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

*well that is all the ramblings I have right now, and I promise I am going to try to be better at this blogging thing! Korvin is in bed now so I am off to bed too. good night!

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