Monday, September 30, 2013


i can't believe my baby is going to be two!
he is so much fun at this stage and seeing his full blown personality
and he is learning so much every day.
he knows all of his shapes and can say them all too except triangle.
he points them all out from far away and you have to find where he is pointing to them at or he wont stop saying it.
his favorite is a star.
he knows tons of animals and their sounds. we go to the zoo a lot up here and he just loves it!
he is learning his colors and his favorite color is red.
he loves to read books and point everything out that he knows in them.
he loves all things cars and planes. we live next to an air force base so we get to see and point out lots of planes.
we drive cars around all day long. he never tires of it.
he also love "mino mino me" (mickey and Minnie mouse).
he is obsessed with blankets! he has his favorite one (his "B") but if anyone else in the house has one he promptly stills it, wraps himself up, and says "mine!" and if your lucky he will give you a little corner to share.
he loves to swing. once he gets on one, he will not get off without a fight.
he constantly wants to eat but has started to become so picky it makes it really hard to feed him.
he sleeps in a big boy bed now and loves it!
he climbs off or jumps off whatever he can find.
he loves to be outside, and he loves his shoes because as soon as he gets them on he knows he is going outside.
whenever he leaves a room or he is going to run away he tells me bye!
he has started to talk a lot more and say words, but he has really started his own gibberish too which is pretty funny.
he still has not learned the word yes (no matter how hard I have been trying!) so everything is no! which makes it really hard to figure out what he really wants.
 he also really loves music and loves to dance. if he hears music he immediately starts to dance and makes sure you are dancing right along with him!
that's all I can think of right now, I am sure there is more.
here are some pictures I took at the park the other day.
I have to say he is one little stud muffin!

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Susan said...

Korvin is sooo cute and I sure miss him!!! Love the pictures!!!!